Challenges Academy


You are experiencing too much stress in your life, it’s limiting your professional life, personal life, social life or anything else?

You have consulted a Medical Doctor, took his advice and set the medical aspect of your overload of stress, then, in addition, we can offer you a coaching approach consisting in setting and achieving goals which will allow you to manage this stress.

About stress management, we can, for instance, work on:

We therefore look together for the objectives that will enable you to get rid of your stress, leading to a new balance in your life once those objectives are reached.

You will clear all the locks that were limiting you before, and you will find a new balance in your life.


We can help you achieve goals that will enable you to attain and reach a state of serenity and peace of mind in your life.

In order to reach such a state and experience well-being, we can aim at objectives such as:

Important: it is necessary that you consult your doctor to adjust the medical aspect of your search for well-being. At no time accompaniments that we propose can substitute for the advice of a doctor.

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