Challenges Academy

Project contractors, entrepreneurs

  • Get support on everything or on parts of the realization of a generative project
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve and manage the organization
  • Find new resources and helping solutions, crucial for the project
  • Give challenges

Top Athletes

We work on athletic performance aiming for the win. For this we are working on :
  • Performance, talents and weaknesses management
  • Motivation
  • Stress management
  • Communication with other players, the public, officials, leaders, the press...

Artists, actors, musicians


Whatever your discipline, you happen to encounter difficulties which can be harmful for your performance. Maybe you need to :

  • Learn how to manage your anxiety
  • Work on the relaxation of your abdomen (musicians with wind instruments)
  • Improve your performance
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Prepare for an audition
  • Enhance your charisma
  • Prepare a for shooting or a play
  • Enhance press relation management skills



Challenges Academy follows and guides politicians in behavioral performance and human centered tasks.

We can support and advise a woman or a man in politics to:

  • Successfully reach high stakes goal
  • Prepare to a new position
  • Prepare to a coming negotiation
  • Prepare to a coming TV or radio interview
  • Improve your charisma
  • Make the right decision
  • Improve or manage communication skills
  • Manage a crisis
  • Prepare and monitor a successful election.
  • Etc...

Crisis Management


Crisis is characterized by an abrupt change of situation.

We can assist you to manage a crisis by helping you to develop the resources and tools you need to cope effectively.

We seek to develop new behaviors, new capabilities, which will reach a point of stability, greater fullness, by responding differently in new situations.

New Technologies


Challenges Academy enjoys assisting start-up companies and innovative projects’ creators working in the new technologies.

We share the generative approach to these projects.

Starting with your first idea, we will help you to develop this idea, improve it in order for you to gain a clear, precise and efficient vision of the project.

We can then keep working on the project’s development all the way through its potential sale..

Our goal is to allow the project developer to focus on his work and find this “je ne sais quoi”, that will make the difference and enable a beautiful idea to successfully blossom and evolve into a great success.

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